About Blue Moon Spirit

BlueMoonSpirit.com was a psychic fair in Seattle for several years, until the pandemic. Now life has revised itself, including a move to wonderful Maine, and instead of tending fairs and my lovely readers, I am happily focusing on my stone crafts and sales.

I am Grace Star.I’ve been stone crazy since I was a child, loving the natural world around me. For years I brought my precious buckets of rocks with me everywhere I moved. Along the way I took some psychic training classes and I realized that I've been psychic all my life. (That's true of many of us.)

Since then, I transformed my lifelong activity as an artist into being a stone crafter, and have had stone tables at fairs for many years. As a psychic, I love doing “stone readings” – reading the energies of the people who are at my fair tables, and why they have chosen the stones they hold in their hands. It is a lot of shared joy to see their eyes light up, and things that they thought were only dreams or hopes, are actually true capabilities and possibilities that they possess.

What I've learned, and I believe, is that stones are our friends. They have awareness, and can help us manifest our desires if we ask them. As a symbol in our pockets, homes or cars, or worn, they inspire us both consciously and subconsciously of the dreams and hopes that we want to obtain. They can clear energy, strengthen energies, brighten energies. What a beautiful gift from our planet!

You can find a short introduction to stone energies is on my web page  "What are Stone Energies" on BlueMoonSpirit.com.

If you want to know more about how I read the stones, or if you would like to explore how you can learn to read them for yourself, I have written a book “Stone Friends: An Introduction to Stone Energies”, available on as a .pdf ebook on this website, and on Amazon in softcover, web link

Wishing you much joy with these ambassadors from our Earth.

Grace Star