What are Stone Energies?

Our attraction to stones is multilevel, but it includes a very basic and elemental desire for connection to ourselves. Stones are more primal than our lizard brain, for we are both the Earth, composed of the same physical elements, and real, shared atoms.

Everything, even "empty" space, is constantly pulsing energy. You can learn to sense this vibration, learn to tune in. Your energy is a combination of all the molecules and activities in your body and no one else is a match.

How the energy waves of a stone interact and harmonize with various organs and areas of your body is very specific to you. 

Your own individual exploration of your body's connection to stones, crystals, and minerals is an endless adventure. Your exploration can be as vast as the Earth itself, or, even beyond.  

My book, "Stone Friends: An Introduction to Stone Energies", goes into more depth on this subject of the universe. Here is the ebook, sold here, and here's a link to the softcover version on Amazon.