WAND REST featuring Blue Calcite and Selenite

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This wand rests adds a kiss from Mother Earth to your space as you live your magic. It can be used as a wand rest, or hold a pencil, stylus, pen, and more – and they love to sit on a sill, mantle, or as part of an altar or intention collection.

The stones of the wand rest are your friends, supporting you each day with their harmonious energies. Blue calcite has a calming and soothing healing energy. Selenite cleans energy and by cleansing, it invigorates all life in its environment.

A selenite wand 3-4 inches long is included.

Stones: blue calcite and selenite
Size: 2.5 x 3 x 1.75 inch
Weight: 6.6 oz

Natural stones have wonderful variations and formations. This wand rest has a concrete base for balance and the bottom is protected to not scratch. You will receive this item. If you need more information please ask me.

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If you wish to learn more about sensing stone energies, see my web page "What are Stone Energies?" on BlueMoonSpirit.com. There you’ll find a link to my downloadable ebook, “Stone Friends: An Introduction to Sensing Stone Energies”, plus a link to its softcover edition on Amazon.