BRACELET with deep green Malachite and bright red Coral chips

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Malachite and Coral BRACELET, stretch, high quality, polished chips

This is a lovely stretch bracelet that fits smaller and medium ladies' wrists easily. It has a sturdy cord.
This is a deeply colored, lush malachite and coral bracelet. Malachite is a heart stone, and is also good for your center body organs.

Stone: Malachite, Coral
Size: Large, polished, textured chips
Weight: 1.1 oz

This magical bracelet can decorate your wrist or your favorite altar piece, or just become a room charm in a trinket bowl. It adds an organic inspiration and color to your energy.

Stones are your friends, supporting you each day with their harmonious energies. Natural stones have wonderful energies, variations and formations. 

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