PENDANT: Amethyst cluster with stone beading held in Sterling Silver Wire

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This pendant has a  lovely Amethyst cluster with varied crystals that add additional interest. Each crystal brings higher understanding and spiritual love to you. When you wear it you are both receiving and sending this spiritual beauty courtesy of the small city of crystals that inhabit this stone.

The stone beading accents are quartz, hemalyte, lapis, emerald, amethyst, and carnelian -- all stones that support chakras, and help release your earthbound worry-restraints so that you are freer to become more loving.

Stone: Amethyst held in sterling silver wire with stone bead accents
Size: Approx 3 x 1 x 1 inch

These are natural stones so there may be slight irregularities. Please see pictures. You will receive a cord necklace with the stone.

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If you wish to learn more about sensing stone energies, see my web page "What are Stone Energies?" on There you’ll find a link to my downloadable ebook, “Stone Friends: An Introduction to Sensing Stone Energies”, plus a link to its softcover edition on Amazon.