PENDANT: Black Tourmaline

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This is Brazil Black Tourmaline, a wonderful piece for bringing you back to Earth when you get wound up. People often use it for protection. When they do that they are calling in spiritual aid and intention, which is a beautiful benefit.

Black Tourmaline is one of the easiest stones to sense energetically. Hold it to you and simple stand and breathe slowly and deeply foa a couple moments. Often you can feel its action in your chest as it gathers your own energy and brings it back to so you are no longer scattered. You know the peace inside your own being, and how strong and durable you truly are. Other people’s energy becomes obvious, that makes it easier to reject as foreign and not-you so that your own power is strengthened.

The natural and wild beauty of nature is offered to you in this untamed stone. Its irregular shape echoes the random nature of nature’s display of her treasures and suggests to the subconscious mind a closer connection to the Earth. The minimal copper jewelry wire highlights the stone’s beauty for you to enjoy, and copper’s healing energy is well known.

Stone: Brazil black tourmaline
Size: Approx 2 ½ x 7/8 x inch

These are natural stones so there may be slight irregularities. Please see pictures. You will receive a cord necklace with the stone.

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If you wish to learn more about sensing stone energies, see my web page "What are Stone Energies?" on There you’ll find a link to my downloadable ebook, “Stone Friends: An Introduction to Sensing Stone Energies”, plus a link to its softcover edition on Amazon.