Book: Stone Friends: An Introduction to Stone Energies

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Stones are friends. They can talk to you. They have stories to tell. They can be bossy. They can accelerate your personal growth or give you comfort, or even help you heal. 

So how do you enter this bright world of help and wonder? This introductory book explains what stone energies are, and gives some simple methods to begin to sense and connect with stones. It is packed with ideas and examples of ow you can move away from traditional, restrictive, logical ways of seeing that you were taught, and begin to perceive new information in non-traditional ways using the magic of stones. 

Author Grace Star is a stone reader, seller, and artist who reads stones energetically. Her current dream is to have a home with less furniture and more stones. 

This a .pdf download for 99cents. You can order a softcover from for $17, here's the link.