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This delicious lapis lazuli stone is palm stone size. It brings the sounds of trumpets and pomp with it, and the heritage of rulers. It has some dark matrix stone in it, but is mostly intensely royal blue. The top is a smoothed natural stone texture, and the back and sides are flattened.

In today’s world, this leader will be you, shining your light, bringing a better world with the spiritual gifts that you have. This stone lights up the throat chakra and wires it to the third eye. It is opaque, so it brings gifts to be used on the physical plane. It encourages and supports you as you express your vast knowledge that reaches beyond the here and now -- even if you are not aware that you have it. You can call upon the stone for its natural duty: to bring spiritual connection from you to your receiver, so that your highest expressions are received in whatever form of communication your spirit uses.

Let this stone step up your adventures! It is a warm friend to carry in your pocket or your purse.

Stone: Lapis lazuli
Size: approx. 1 ½ x 1 x ¼ inch
Weight: .6 oz

These stones have wonderful variations and formations. You will receive this item. Please view all pictures.

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