Stone Set: Creating a Dream Life mix

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What are your dreams? Your brightest hopes? Here is a collection of stone friends to help you on your journey. Each package includes one of each of the stones displayed.

In order to create, you first have to dream. White moonstone, with its pearly sheen, is a dreaming stone. It helps free your imagination to soar, and create visions of the world that you want to live in.

Gradually, your dream becomes an intention. The quartz point helps crystalize and energize your intentions. Its companion black tourmaline is considered a grounding stone, but it also vibrates with helpful energy and encourages a core of self awareness that helps you distinguish your Self Dream from others’ influence.

The lilac amethyst carries a gentle and friendly raising of spiritual awareness, helping you as you learn to step up and forward toward the things you wish to do or be. As you grow, you understand more and more about the life you have lived, and the new one you want to live.

Rose quartz holds the heart in a warm embrace, and helps you welcome the world as it welcomes you. You move along a warmer path, attracting heart foods and sharing them.

The Northwest serpentine green stone brings comfort, and is a hug from Mother Earth. You are not alone on your journey, and she eases and soothes you.

Green aventurine magnetizes abundance, whether it is material or spiritual. To strengthen its energy, practice gratitude. You will be gaining on many levels and green aventurine assists.

This little bag of life creators belongs with you anywhere you go! It works well as a companion to remind you of your spiritual nature, and that each of us has our very own path to follow.

Carnelian supports the root chakra and anchors you to the Earth. It gives you strength to stand tall no matter the prevailing winds of life.

Stone: One each of white moonstone, quartz, black tourmaline, serpentine, sodalite, lilac amethyst, rose quartz, carnelian, green aventurine
Weight: approximately 5.7 oz

These stones have wonderful variations and formations. The bags are presorted and ready for shipping.

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If you wish to learn more about sensing stone energies, see my web page "What are Stone Energies?" on There you’ll find a link to my downloadable ebook, “Stone Friends: An Introduction to Sensing Stone Energies”, plus a link to its softcover edition on Amazon.